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Immersion & Air cooled hosting.

Hosting Service

At KOR we provide both immersion cooling and air cooled hosting and are compatible with all miner types.
Immersion cooling
We have invested in state of the art immersion cooling systems that provide you with many benefits.
- Longevity: Miners extend their lifespan (+4-5 years) when being immersed due to not being exposed to environmental factors such as contamination, overheating, and corrosion . Which will result in greater profits.
- Overclocking: In an immersion setting, miners can be overclocked to exceed base hashrate which will result in greater profitability.
- Power usage: All fans are removed from the miner resulting in lower power draw which will lower monthly electric bills.
- Environmental: Due to a dry coolers cooling efficency, HVAC is not needed to cool the miners resulting in a 40% reduction in carbon footprint
* Recommended with new ASIC's*
Air cooling
Traditional air cooled setups allow for a cheaper way to host your miner. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide you with clean, safe, and efficient air cooled setups.
*Recommended with older ASIC's *
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